Unique handmade jewelry

Handmade jewelry made from watch gears. Steampunk and upcycling. New meanings for old things. Handmade & upcycling with love.

Hi! My name is Ekaterina and I am a handmade jewelry designer.

Most of what I do is created in the steampunk style, but there are also experiments 🙂 I like to give new life to old things, mechanisms and microcircuits. In my works, I often use parts and gears from non-working watches, old vintage beads, accessories and pendants, as well as gifts of nature: dried flowers, shells, pebbles and glass. Sometimes completely unexpected things fall under my eager to do something: accessories from bags, nuts and bearings, springs and spinners. Everything goes into business and takes on a new meaning, as the philosophy of reasonable consumption tells us.

I make my unique handmade jewelry with epoxy resin that helps me to fasten all this beauty and protect it from mechanical damage. All decorations are created with love and diligence, so this is not a quick, but pleasant process.

My works can be found in the modern museum of rational consumption as well as periodic offline markets.

Each product is unique and contains a spark of my soul. An exact repetition is impossible, but there are enough sparks for everyone!!! You can select one that you like and write me a message, and we’ll create something like that. Not exatly same, but very similar. As well as you can select items that are available right now in the website gallery: beautiful handmsde rings, earrings, brooches and pendants wait for you.

I hug everyone and look forward to seeing you! Steampunk & upcycling with love!

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